Growing up in the Denver area, Mike knew at an early age he wanted to live in the mountains of Colorado. The incredible beauty and fresh air were always pulling him to make the move, and in 1993 the opportunity to move to the Roaring Fork Valley came about and he jumped at it. Having become a licensed Realtor in 1989, he broke into the business with one of the country’s leading brokerage companies, Grub and Ellis. He began learning the business by completing the company’s national training program in Newport Beach, CA and graduating with honors. With the experience in commercial brokerage in Denver, he was offered the opportunity to join the development team of one of the Roaring Fork Valley’s largest planned communities. This valuable experience added to his real estate expertise and provided the springboard to venture into the general brokerage community in 1997 and work with a wide variety of clients from Aspen to Glenwood Springs. The last 20 years have been filled with an extensive range of experiences including residential and commercial development, condominium conversions, residential remodels, and assisting individual sellers and buyers with their most important needs. Mike enjoys the personal interaction with people from all backgrounds and he feels that his best quality is being a good listener and keeping his purpose simple by putting his clients’ best interest first and foremost in everything he does.

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