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At Engel & Völkers You Have An Advocate For Your Home

Are you Interested in Our 7 Step Process to Successfully Rent Out Your Property? It starts with our Initial Consultation.


There are so many questions and considerations you’ll have about renting your property – and we’ve got the answers. We’ll guide you throughout the process including discussions about the following:

How do I know I’m ready to rent my property?

Initial Consultation (emotionally ready, we’ll help you set financial goals)

How do you determine the potential worth of my property?

Through our Initial Consultation, we can compare and contrast the value of your home based on conditions including location, level of finish, amenities, ski-in/ski-out, etc. Will also recommend changes to the home if you want to increase revenue opportunities or make your property stand out against the competition.

What is a Property Manager? Do I need one?

 A Property Manager performs periodic inspections of your property and performs preventive maintenance.  They are also responsible for providing emergency assistance when there is a problem with the home, such as mechanical or plumbing systems. The Property Manager also provides a cleaning/housekeeping team that understands your home and the proper cleaning methods.  

When renting your home out, a Property Manager is required to service maintenance and emergency issues that may arise.  While there are some Property Managers that provide rental services, our customers find that separating the two is both financially beneficial, as well as operationally.

What is an exclusive listing? What are the benefits?

An exclusive listing is an agreement where one real estate service company commits to marketing your home across the region, nation, and internationally to qualified candidates. 

Our marketing strategies extend far beyond any do-it-yourself platform. Additionally, we are responsible for vetting inquiries, keeping you apprised of rental regulations and maintaining compliance, preparing rental agreements, collecting and remitting sales/lodging taxes, and performing pre-check-in walk-throughs with photos or videos, as well as post-departure walk-throughs.  Last, to ensure the best guest experience, we provide concierge services, place luxury Molton Brown toiletries in the bathrooms, and generous welcome baskets with seasonal items and snacks.

How do I make my property stand out from the competition?

This is one of the most competitive rental markets in the country with plenty to choose from. We believe in aggressive marketing strategies. This includes staging, photography/video, print, and digital exposure to reach local, regional, national and even international qualified renters. We then go a step further to entice them to consider your property with our proprietary concierge service and guest welcoming package.

Do renters sign a lease with me?

Yes, all renters are required to sign a rental agreement no matter the term, which provides extensive protections to the owner in the event of an issue or damage.  We update our agreements with outside landlord-tenant legal counsel to ensure our agreements are up to date.

Do I need to notify my home insurance company?
Yes, you should notify your insurance agent or insurance company if you plan on renting your property. 

“Some homeowners policies have coverage restrictions or exclusions for both short-term and long-term rentals.  Having your agent confirm that rental activities are covered is the best way to know that your property will be covered in the event of a loss during the rental period,” Tim Morgan, Principal of Roaring Fork Insurance.

Are you Interested in Our 7 Step Process to Successfully Rent Out Your Property? It starts with our Initial Consultation. 

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