Renter FAQ

Renter FAQ

Let Our Advisors Assist In Finding Your Next Home

There are so many questions and considerations you’ll have about renting  – and we’ve got the answers. We’ll guide you throughout the process including discussions about the following:

What’s the benefit of working with Engel & Völkers Aspen - Roaring Fork Valley?

The rental advisors at E&V Aspen-Snowmass specialize in having intimate knowledge of the rental properties available to you in order to create a bespoke vacation experience. Also, consumers don’t have access to all the rental properties available because some are not publicly marketed on the internet for privacy or other reasons.

With rental prices being as high as they are in our area, it's always best to have your own ‘boots on the ground’ here to vet the property before you book because rental agreements are non-refundable.  There are also fraudulent listings online so you could be out your funds completely with no rental to stay in if the owner is not verified.

How do I search rental listings?

While consumer-facing websites like VRBO or Airbnb can be popular to a consumer, not all owners utilize this service in our Aspen-Snowmass market because of the overreaching fees and lack of agreement between local cities on paying the taxes, which makes it cumbersome for the owner. There have also been issues with fraudulent listings on these websites.

The local brokerage community utilizes our shared system to list rental properties. 

Are the listed rental rates online accurate?

When comparing rates of potential rentals it can become difficult and confusing. With companies like Zillow, the problem with the Zestimate tool is it uses a computer algorithm to come up with a value. When valuing real estate, you need to have real people valuing homes in order to be accurate. That’s where our experienced Advisors come in! With decades of experience and an understanding of real estate and the luxury market, you can rest assured that you are getting the best rate possible.

How do I pay rent?

Rent rates are set in the rental agreement, as well as the due date and how the rent will be processed by the brokerage. As soon as you sign the agreement, you’ve legally agreed to the terms, so be sure you fully understand the document and have consulted with counsel (if desired) before you sign.

Short Term Vacation Rentals:  In our area, short term is considered anywhere from 1-182 days and the typical payment terms are as follows:  if the check-in date is less than 3 months away, the full payment is due upon booking.  If the check-in date is more than 3 months away, it is typical to pay ½ upon booking, and the balance 2-3 months prior to check-in. 

Long Term Rentals:  The first and last months' rent, as well as security deposit and any fees, are collected upon signing, then the monthly rental payments are paid to the owner.

When should I look for seasonal housing?

As more and more people are finding their way to ski towns like Aspen it is important to book early! A good rule of thumb is to start looking around 6 months prior to your arrival. This is where working with one of our trusted Advisors is extremely beneficial. By doing so, you’ll have access to homes you otherwise wouldn’t be able to find via standard booking websites.

Do you have any advice for finding a rental with a pet?

Be Honest. The landlord will find out if you have a pet, or that you have more than you told them, so just come out with it right away. 

Gather References. If you have a prior landlord that says your animal didn’t cause any property damage and the neighbors gave them the thumbs up, nine times out of ten you’ll be good as gold.

Get it in Writing. You often will have to pay a bit extra and throw down a pet security deposit when signing your lease. Just make sure all the terms that were discussed and agreed upon concerning your pet have been written up clearly before signing.

What if I have to cancel my booking? 

Most rental agreements for our area are non-refundable, which means once you book, you are committed.  If you need to cancel, the remedy is that the owner has a duty to mitigate their damages, which means that the owner has to make efforts to re-rent the property.  In the best-case scenario, the property is re-rented for your dates.

No matter if you’re looking for, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, or longer, we will help you find the right property to match your criteria and budget. From ski-in/ski-out properties to the downtown Aspen Core we have hundreds of properties to view.

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