In three words: The Multitask Master

What you need to know: Even though her previous addresses include places like West Palm Beach, Boise, Boulder, Chicago, and Pinehurst, North Carolina, Lindsey considers Aspen her true home. “In a general sense, I consider myself a Coloradoan. My family has lived in Colorado for 30 years and I grew up spending our vacations here,” she says. “I was a Powder Panda at Buttermilk, so I go way back.”

Lindsey, a self-proclaimed workaholic, has a stacked resume and diverse professional background. She spent 20 years as a real estate risk analyst, doing due diligence for major commercial lenders and commercial loans. Tack on another decade as a systems consultant for broadcast software, working for Neilson and Marketron Broadcast Solutions with a stint working in international broadcasting in London. Both fields required complex project management and data analytics. “I was good at juggling a lot of balls at once. I was like a walking circus act,” Lindsey jokes.

That skillset came in handy when Lindsey moved back to the Roaring Fork Valley and immediately dove into luxury vacation rentals. “Since I moved here, I’ve managed a very large volume of vacation rental properties” she says. “When you handle luxury rentals, you have to make sure you are pretty darn organized. Rentals require a very specific, systematic process to adequately provide great services to tenants and owners and also to make sure people have a great vacation.”

What sets her apart: Lindsey is a people person with boundless energy who can push through any challenge, big or small.  “I’ve been told I have a pretty good sense of humor and I always make it a point to get along with everyone,” she says. “I understand how rentals work. Most brokers hate doing rentals, but I absolutely love it,” she says. “You have to juggle a lot of balls and make sure everything lands where it’s supposed to, and to make sure everything is in synch.”

When she’s not at the office … Lindsey can be found cruising around Snowmass Village with her husband Bryan and Enzo; their 170-pound Neapolitan mastiff, hanging his huge head out the window. “He’s kind of like the mayor, everyone around here knows him,” she says. She is also a snowboarder, and a mean, left-handed tennis player.