In 3 words: Plays to win.

Stefan Peirson never planned on becoming a pro golfer, but when he moved to Snowmass in 1993 after graduating from Lake Forest College in Illinois, he discovered he had a talent for the sport. “I never really thought about it, and then someone told me I should play. A year later, I turned professional,” he says.

After realizing he couldn’t make a living on the tour, Stefan landed at the Roaring Fork Club, working as the Director of Golf Instruction. Within two years he was selling memberships, and soon after that, he got his real estate license. All it took was that first sale to change everything. “That one commission check opened my eyes to the possibility of a more comfortable life.” That launched a decade-long run killing it in fractional sales and what would ultimately become a career focus in resort markets all around the world. He went on to sell several large-scale resort development projects and prestigious fractional ownership programs and founded a real estate consulting firm, Blink Real Estate.

For over a decade he consulted and sold major resort developments in Mexico, California, and ultimately to return to his home in Aspen at The Residences at The Little Nell where he helped close $310 million in 22 months as the Director of Sales. Always ahead of the curve when it comes to reading current trends, he shifted his focus from fractional to resort residential. He also created his own technology platform to generate online leads, which he says is the key to staying competitive in today’s market. “You can pour a lot of money into it, or you can figure out how to do it yourself,” he says. He’s also on the forefront of social media marketing, using Instagram stories to generate solid leads. If you don’t understand terms like “pay per click” and “capture and conversion strategies” you can be sure Stefan does—whatever it takes to close the deal. What he brings to the table: In addition to his tech savvy, Stefan maintains a diverse portfolio in the international luxury resort market and garners a global reach and client base.

On a personal note … Stefan was a newspaper columnist for six years, writing about golf for the Snowmass Sun. He’s also a “self-proclaimed home chef” and has a passion for travel and eating. “We love Rioja in Denver and have literally driven there and back in a day just to have dinner there,” he says.

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