A Culture of Leadership

November 15, 2022
engel and volkers a culture of leadership

A Culture of Leadership

An Organization of Success

You may ask what makes a great company? What is the driving force that attracts loyal customers? You will no doubt get many answers depending on what industry you are looking at. At Engel & Völkers we understand that in the luxury real estate world, a culture of leadership that drives service and change will always put you at the top!

At Engel & Völkers Aspen-Roaring Fork we believe that exemplary service and change that supports our clients is essential to overall success.  Our leadership and our resources and talents are positioned to serve all of Aspen, Snowmass, and the Roaring Fork Valley. We offer a culture of leadership in our industry and our community that is world class. 

Leadership is Only as Effective as its Team

culture of leadership team at engle & volkers

The team at Engel & Völkers is dedicated to carrying out the principles and the mission of the company. We pride ourselves in being an organization of highly successful people. 

According to author Leo Schein,

Culture and leadership are two sides of the same coin. When organizations start there is always a leader who has a preferred way of doing things. The leader’s values and preferences are the first ways that a group or organization does things and if that works it becomes eventually the culture of that group. So in a very real sense, founders and leaders create culture.”

The Driving Force Behind Our Success

When our company was founded in 2013, our founders Erik and Summer Berg became one of the first U.S. companies to join the growing internationally-renowned Engel & Völkers franchises. Today we have grown to more than 70 Advisors working in five Upper and Lower Valley shops and is the ninth largest Engel & Völkers franchisee by volume in North America. Behind our experience is more than 750 transactions annually equating to a record $700+ million in transaction volume.  Continued personal and professional growth, accountability and service are the driving force behind the company’s success.

A Team of Industry Leaders

Engel & Völkers Aspen leadership team is headed by President and Managing Broker Summer Berg along with Vice President of Operations Dina Erickson. Many of our Advisors serve the community on local boards and committees, from the Board of Realtors, to the MLS Board and Ethics Committee.  We all benefit and learn from each other’s experiences serving on these industry leading positions.

Engel & Völkers Aspen is committed to providing our Advisors with unmatched resources and marketing assistance. In fact, the Engel & Völkers local staff-to-Advisor ratio is an unheard of 5:1 including full-time staff devoted to office and tech support, coaching, robust training, transaction management, compliance and legal support.

The power of our Marketing

Additionally, Team CreatEV is a multi-pronged in-house marketing team that has propelled Engel & Völkers Aspen-Roaring Fork to be one of the most recognized real estate firms in the Roaring Fork Valley. Our marketing efforts begin with our instantaneously-recognized “White Box” Sellers Engagement Vehicle (SEV). This showcases the power of our marketing efforts at the outset of our Advisors working with a client.

Engel & Völkers Aspen-Roaring Fork advertising efforts include more than 10 regional and local outlets along with robust online and social campaigns. This ensures that buyers are aware of listings through our photography, video and 3-D renderings, customized marketing materials. We also employ traditional and digital advertising campaigns that identify potential target buyers through our exclusive MAX system. 

Engel & Völkers Provides A Global Reach  

The team also ensures that listings are disseminated to nearly 1,000 sites around the U.S., North America and globally. 

This international reach is critically important in a luxury-dominated market like ours. The Engel & Völkers brand provides a global reputation with a boutique-feel that allows for quality service and personal attention. We are known as a high-end company with more than 80 North American sales of $10 million-or-more in 2021.

Engel & Völkers Aspen-Roaring Fork is heavily invested in our communities and recognizes the important role our Advisors play in the lives of our clients. That is why we do not call them “agents” nor are our offices called offices. Instead, our “shops” are designed to be welcoming and appealing to our Advisors and clients.

And of course, we utilize technology to enhance the lives of our Advisors and provide their clients with unmatched resources. We ultimately believe that the bulk of our job is to guide and advise our clients through the often-complex and emotional process of buying, selling or renting a property.

Staying at the Forefront of Change

At Engel & Völkers our entire team is committed to constantly learning and upping our game. A culture of improving by staying at the forefront of change in our industry.

Leadership provides opportunities to grow and learn. It also plays significant leadership roles to provide other business boosting opportunities throughout the Engel & Völkers brand. As the market changes, we will continue to leverage technology and embrace the nuances of a changing global market. 

“We are committed to supporting each other and providing a cohesive overall environment of success!”

Why a Culture of Leadership Matters To Our Clients

Simply, it matters because great leadership trickles down to effect a positive experience across the board! From the top down – leadership, experience, knowledge, and progressive solutions provide our clients with world-class services.

By dedicating ourselves to serving our community and industry, we have the power to create change. We believe that change will sustain the commerce, growth and sustainability of our great region. Our involvement in local organizations gives a voice to our clients who own real estate. Because of the leadership roles we hold at Engel & Völkers, we can take action and educate to raise the bar.

“Effective leadership matters to our clients, and at the same time, it benefits them.”

A culture of leadership is the result of leaders who create a company defined by their own passions and dreams. Our dream at Engel & Völkers has always been and continues to be to provide a luxury white glove experience for our clients that is second to none. And for that experience to continue to define the appeal and beauty of the Roaring Fork Valley that we serve.

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