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June 5, 2020
Juniper Gifts EV Real Estate Interview in Basalt with Engel & Völkers

“You can’t ever have a bad day when you’re giving people gifts.”
– Jill Howard, co-owner of Juniper Gifts, Basalt, Colorado

Meet mother and daughter co-owners, Deborah and Jill Howard of Juniper Gifts in Basalt. They recently moved and expanded into their new retail space at 174 Midland Avenue in Basalt, between Heather’s and Café Bernard. The building has old-world charm, and the interior is gently illuminated by sunlight from the storefront windows with casement transoms. The distressed hardwood floors and aspen tree wall coverings offset the icicle bulbed light fixtures and ribbon adorned gift boxes, offering rustic elegance. The space is very zen with mellow music, and a spa-like freshness.

Juniper Gifts EV Real Estate Interview in Basalt with Engel & Völkers

Interior Space of the New Juniper Gifts Retail Store

Their products appeal to a variety of recipients ranging from candles to champagne flutes, mixology kits, edible sweet delicacies, home décor, women’s bath products and gifts for men as well. Deb, and her daughter Jill, honed their careers in a more corporate arena of finance, sales and information technology. However, they are both also gifted with more traditional creativity; Deb, a florist, and Jill, a painter. Jill endured nearly twelve excruciating years of life-threatening illness and continues to work hard to battle the physical demons that challenge her by eating well and staying very physically active in the outdoors. Deb endured these terrifying years as well, sleeping on hospital floors and staying strong for her daughter and pushing her to fight. This experience coupled with Deb’s retirement, inspired them to make a career change and do something together that they were passionate about. They’ve fused their business acumen and artistic interests into an endeavor they can grow together that is much less taxing on the body and human spirit.

Juniper Gifts EV Real Estate Interview in Basalt with Engel & Völkers

Locally Made Products at Juniper Gifts

Focusing on giving back and community, they support local artisans and craftspeople, protecting the environment by featuring predominantly local, and organic products.

Juniper Gifts EV Real Estate Interview in Basalt with Engel & Völkers

Jill Howard, Co-Owner of Juniper Gifts, Talking About What Got Them to Where They Are Now

Jill’s gift is life and her mother gave her the gift of strength, independence and self-assurance.

These two women are fearless, but not lacking in grace. Both elegant and strong, their regal countenance is showcased in this gem of a boutique. The sturdy bones of the building and all of the pretty patina that comes with time and endurance is perfectly accented by the chic, fresh and feminine detail of the interior. Their customized gift baskets are perfect for any occasion, from birthdays showers, Father’s/Mother’s Day to closing gifts for Realtors or welcome baskets for guests.

Deb’s striking white mane, flawless complexion and strong composure, and Jill’s Rockette legs in her tailored biz-casual pinstriped dress and high heels, while sporting scrapes on her shins from a recent single-track mountain bike expedition, fit perfectly into their business model for Juniper Gifts. They both share a strong voice and unstoppable drive. The delicate décor and inventory they promote for health, peace of mind pursuit of joy and fun, is complimented by the strength of their mission to celebrate community, with a local presence, sustainability and the art of giving.

Juniper Gifts EV Real Estate Interview in Basalt with Engel & Völkers

‘You & Me’ Product at Juniper Gifts

Story By:
Rachel C. Cossman
Engel & Völkers Aspen | Roaring Fork

 Photos By:
Tenley Steinke
Director of Marketing,
Engel & Völkers Aspen | Roaring Fork Valley

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