Pumpkin Season Treats for Trees

September 21, 2022

Buy A Pumpkin & Plant 5 Trees

Guess who’s back, and GIVING back this pumpkin season?! We are! With pumpkins! In fact, we invite you to celebrate with us, while participating in an act of service for your community.
Last year, Engel & Völkers hosted our first-annual ‘Buy A Pumpkin, Plant 5 Trees‘ campaign – raising roughly $2,000. As you can probably guess, we are doing it again – but this year it’s even better. 

$1 = One Tree Planted

Pumpkins can be purchased from our shops located in Aspen, Basalt, Willits, and Carbondale for $5 each. Most importantly, all of the money raised will be donated to the National Forest Foundation to support tree planting. As a result, each dollar of each pumpkin will plant one tree in our beloved White River National Forest.

Purchasing or Donating

Venmo Payments

If using Venmo to purchase a pumpkin, please record which pumpkin number you’re purchasing when Venmo asks what you’re sending money for. Find the pumpkin number by looking on the bottom of your pumpkin.

Additionally, you may simply donate if you please. 

Venmo Information: @EV-Park-City

Cash Payments

In the event that you would like to pay in cash, please stop in at one of our offices. During the weekday, there will be someone there to help you.

Stopping by after business hours, or on the weekend? No problem. Next to the front door of each office, there will be envelopes for your cash. On the envelope, please write which pumpkin number you are purchasing, your name, and your email! Lastly, slide your envelope under the door.


720 East Hyman Avenue
Aspen, Colorado(970) 925-8400


206 Cody Lane Suite A
Basalt, Colorado(970) 927-9955


201 Market Street #100
Basalt, Colorado(970) 927-9955


265 Main Street
Carbondale, Colorado(970) 930-4663

Tricks To Treat Your Pumpkin Season (The Right Way)

I think we can all agree that pumpkin season is one of the biggest highlights of Fall. Above all, fall just isn’t the same without pumpkins and the festivities that come with it.

Whether you plan on visiting your favorite pumpkin patch, decorating pumpkins (or your home), or baking your favorite delicious recipes, it all comes down to one thing. “Ahh, fall is here,” – one of the best feelings of (f)all.

Keep reading for our staff picks when it comes to pumpkin seed recipes, or DIY pumpkin decorating.

Pumpkin Season Seed Recipes

Pre-Recipe Musts | Cleaning, Drying, and Pre-Roasting

First and foremost, it is an absolute must that you clean your seeds properly, before concocting a delicious recipe. Consequently, your seeds may be a disappointment if you skip these pre-recipe steps.

After you rinse the seeds under cold water through a strainer, lay the seeds on a clean kitchen towel. Make sure you refrain from using a paper towel! As a result, they will stick and you’ll be eating paper towel-flavored pumpkin seeds.

Allow your seeds to dry on a kitchen towel or parchment paper for 24-48 hours. Ensure they are completely dry and not still slightly damp. As a result, your seeds will steam rather than crisp in the oven.

After that when the pumpkin seeds are completely dried, toss them with a little bit of olive oil (and salt, if desired). Olive oil helps to crisp your seeds while baking, helps the seasoning to stick to your seeds, and brings out the flavor.

Prior to seasoning with our recipes below, we suggest baking your pumpkin seeds so they are lightly toasted. Lay your seeds in a single layer on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Roast them for 10-20 minutes at 350°. During the baking process, toss them throughout that period of time, and make sure they are not burning, or undercooked. Set them out to cool.

Maple Bacon Brown Sugar

Buttery, Sweet, and Savory

Honey Sriracha

Spicy and Sweet

Roasted Brick Oven Pizza

Smoky, Salty, and Savory

Spicy Caramelized Cinnamon Sugar

Sweet, Candy-Like, Mild Spice

Pumpkin Season Spice

Earthy, Nutty, and Slightly Sweet

All of the pumpkin seed recipes were made and photographed by Tenley Steinke.

DIY Pumpkin Season Decorating

Guaranteed "No-Fail" Ways to Dress Your Gourds This Pumpkin Season

Have you ever spent hours picking a carving template to use and then carving, and realizing afterwards how disappointed you are that your pumpkin didn’t turn out like the picture online?

Do you hate gutting your pumpkin, resulting in sticky pumpkin guts all over your arms and under your nails? 

While some people love carving their pumpkins, some people hate it. As a result, some people resent pumpkin season as a whole.

Most of the DIY pumpkins below do not involve cutting into your pumpkins. Unfortunately, some of these may be just as messy. However, there is good news: most of these are much less frustrating than tedious, intricate pumpkin carving. Take a look!

Ribbons and Lace

Ominous Ombre

Pumpkin Friendship

Metallic Magic

Tight Nylons

Glitter Glam Stems

Classic Jack

All of the “Do It Yourself” pumpkin designs were created and photographed by Tenley Steinke.

Rooted In Community

With the mission to “BeliEVe, EVolve, and PersEVere,” Engel & Völkers works adamantly at giving back to our community. 

We take pride in our state and the natural beauty that comes along with it. Engel & Völkers feels that it’s not only our responsibility as a company, but also as individuals, to maintain the forests and mountains so we can all share in Colorado’s majesty.

Share Your Pumpkin Season Creations On Social Media

If you tried one of our pumpkin seed recipes, or a DIY pumpkin, please drop a comment with your feedback!

Or, find us on social media, tag us in your photos, and use the hashtag #BuyAPumpkinPlant5Trees to be featured!

Thank you again, for helping us plant these roots this pumpkin season!

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Created, Photographed, and Written by Tenley Steinke Marketing Director – Engel & Völkers Roaring Fork Valley